Culpeper Missions Tasks

 Mission Projects 

 Culpeper Food Closet Collection - weekly collection of donations to the food closet.  Non-perishable food items are collected and taken to the local food closet for the needy in the community.  Each week the food closet suggests items that they can use to serve those in need.  Members bring donations to the church and the WOM delivers them to the food closet.  Doris Clatterbuck and Terry Stein head this mission.
Campbell Soup Labels for Education - Peeling the labels from your soup cans can really add up.  Collect you labels and place in the designated box in fellowship hall.  Wendy Young leads this mission.
Stamp Ministry - Used stamps re collected and sent to the Alliance Stamp Ministry.  The income from their sale to collectors goes to support the preparation, publishing and distribution of a Spanish language curriculum for Sunday Schools in Latin America.  More than 50 lesson series have been published and are being used in churches of 40 different denominations and mission in 19 Latin American countries.  Betty Johnson can be reached for more information.
St. Jude's Greeting Cards - the front of used greeting cards of all types are collected and sent to St. Jude's Ranch for Chirldren.  They use them to create new cards, which they sell and use the income for scholarships.  A box for your donations can be found in fellowship hall.  Betty Johnson runs this ministry.